Leaflet and Poster Policy

Display and leaflet space is limited and in great demand. It is therefore not always possible to display every submission.The following guidelines indicate how we ensure publicity is allocated fairly and without bias and what is acceptable and likely to be displayed.

Material will only be displayed when space becomes available. Posters submitted will be displayed as soon as possible, with those handed in well in advance kept on file and made available to the public.

As space is limited we give priority to the following:

  • Library events and information;
  • Douglas Borough Council information and events;
  • Isle of Man travel information;
  • Isle of Man tourist information e.g. maps, what’s on leaflets and guides;
  • Charitable events;

Additional guidance:

  • Acceptable size for a poster is no larger than A4 and no smaller than A5;
  • Posters should be clear, accurate and presentable;
  • Every effort will be made to display material. However, submission of material does not guarantee display;
  • No material will be accepted for permanent display;
  • Posters will be displayed for a maximum of three weeks prior to any event;

Posters and leaflets that may be accepted include:

  • Tourist information and attractions;
  • Local cultural societies’ events e.g. theatre, music, art/craft exhibitions;
  • Island fundraising events linked to national campaigns;
  • Nationally run competitions in the field of literature, education or culture;

Posters and leaflets which will not be displayed include:

  • Material advertising anything of a commercial nature, including one-to-one tuition.