Rules and Regulations

Douglas Borough Council

The Henry Bloom Noble Library

Rules and Regulations


  1. Definitions

In the context of these Rules and Regulations:-

  • “Council” means Douglas Borough Council.
  • “Library” means the building under control or management of the Council, and rooms, passages and other adjuncts thereof.
  • “Librarian” means and includes the Borough Librarian and any other Library employee authorised to act on his/her behalf.
  • “Library material” means and includes books, CDs, PlayAways, newspapers, DVDs, eBooks, reference material, periodicals, photographs, videos, online resources, maps, pictures and any other article forming part of the contents of the library.
  • “Library user” means any person on library premises or that uses the services of the Library.
  1. Control
  • Subject to the control of the Council, the Borough Librarian shall possess such powers as are necessary to maintain order and ensure the safe, efficient working of the library, and shall be responsible for the security of library material and property.
  •  Douglas Borough Council reserves the right of amending or adding to these rules and regulations.
  • If any person considers himself aggrieved by the actions of the Librarian or any officer, a written complaint may be made through the Council’s formal complaints procedure.
  • No person shall give a false name and/or address for the purpose of entering the library or using any library facility.
  1. Hours of opening

The library shall be open to the public on such days and during such hours as the Council may from time to time determine, and the Council shall have the power to close the Library as it may think fit.

  1. Membership
  • Any person resident or being educated on the Isle of Man is eligible for free membership of the Library.
  • Application for membership must be made by completing a membership application form in person or online, which constitutes an acceptance of these Rules and Regulations.
  • Proof of identity and address satisfactory to the Council must be presented when applying for membership e.g. utility bill or benefit book.
  • No person shall give a false name and/or address for the purpose of entering the library or using any library facility.
  • All children are entitled to become members and are permitted to borrow books and other items. Their membership form must be signed by a parent or guardian, who is responsible for all library material borrowed by the child and all library facilities used by the child.
  • Children aged 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult to ensure their safety.
  • Off-island visitors may borrow two items on production of a current membership card from their home library. The home library card will be kept by the library as a deposit for the duration of their stay. Persons without this who wish to become temporary library members, shall complete a membership form on which shall be entered both their home address and their temporary local address. A returnable deposit, at a rate determined by the Council, will be payable.
  • Library users are responsible for all items borrowed on their membership card and for all charges incurred in respect of such items.
  • The number of items which may be borrowed by a registered member will be such as the Council may from time to time determine.
  • No material may be removed from the library by any person unless that person has a valid membership card.
  • When library membership cards are lost or stolen, the member will be held responsible for any items borrowed until the loss is notified to the Librarian.
  • Loss of membership cards will incur a small replacement charge.
  • Membership is not transferable, and members shall be responsible for all material borrowed in their name.
  • Any change of address or status shall be reported promptly, and membership cards no longer required should be returned to the library for cancellation.
  • From time to time, the membership records of library users who have ceased using library facilities will be removed from the library management system.
  1. Period of Loan
  • All library material borrowed shall be returned to the library within 28 days. The Librarian shall have the power to limit the period of the loan in the case of material in great demand, and to extend the period of loan at his/her discretion.
  • Retention of the material beyond the time allowed may render the library user liable to a charge, the level of which shall be decided periodically by the Council. It is not incumbent upon the librarian to intimate to the library user that material is overdue, but, should such information be given, a further charge will be payable by the library user in addition to the fine. Any charge due must be paid before further library material is borrowed.
  • Library users aged 16 and under are exempt from the payment of overdue charges on books and items borrowed from the library.
  • Library material may be renewed at the discretion of the Librarian if they are not in demand. Items may be renewed up to 6 times by bringing them back to the library, online, or by telephoning, emailing or writing to the library.
  1. Lost or Damaged Library Material

In the event of any material being damaged or lost, the library user shall pay the full cost of repair or replacement as determined by the librarian. The cost of material which the library cannot or does not wish to replace shall be assessed by the librarian, having regard to the age and original cost of the item. The library user shall be allowed to retain items for which the full replacement costs have been paid.

  1. Reservations and Requests
  • Any material in the stock of the library normally available for loan may be reserved, for a reservation fee determined by the Council. Material not in stock may be requested and consideration will be given as to whether items should be purchased for stock or obtained from another Library service, subject to availability.
  • An additional charge will be made for obtaining books and photocopies from other library authorities. This charge is payable in advance. Once the item has been obtained, it will be held for the library user for a period determined by the Council.
  • Library users may also recommend items be purchased for stock, without requesting them. In this case, the item may be added to stock, but will not be held for the Library user who recommended its purchase.
  1. Audio-visual items

The rights of the recording company and the owners of recorded works are reserved. Unauthorised public performance, broadcasting and copying, even for personal use, are prohibited.

  1. Inter-Library Loans

Library users may use the Inter-Library Loan Service to obtain books not held in stock. Any instructions regarding material on loan from another library must be complied with, and the library user shall pay the cost of returning the material to the lending library.  Photocopies supplied through this service must be paid for, but become the property of the library user.

  1. Behaviour in the Library
  • No person shall take or be under the influence of alcohol or any toxic substance for the purpose of causing intoxication; or supply, take or be under the influence of any controlled drug other than drugs dispensed for an pursuant to prescription issued for him by a doctor.
  • No person shall sleep in the library.
  • No person shall behave in a way which is abusive, disorderly, violent, objectionable or which causes offence, nuisance or disturbance.
  • No person shall intentionally or recklessly obstruct any librarian in the execution of his or her duty or intentionally or recklessly disturb, obstruct, interrupt, abuse or annoy any other person properly using the library.
  • No person should damage, destroy, steal or misuse any library material or property (or that of other library users and staff).
  • No person shall bring into or light any flame on library premises.
  • No person shall remain in the library after an emergency situation, when evacuation is required.
  • Members of the public must be dressed in a publicly acceptable manner, including both clothing and footwear.
  • Members of the public who are offensively unclean in person or clothing, or both, will be asked by a member of library staff to leave the library.
  • No person shall remain in the library for any reason other than making proper use of the library’s facilities.
  • Members of the public should not engage in any activity, or bring anything into the library, which is illegal or poses a risk to health, safety and property.
  • No person shall, without the consent of a member of library staff, display, distribute, or leave any documentation in the library. Only non-profit, educational and cultural organisations are permitted to display posters and distribute material on library premises.
  • No person shall, without the consent of the Librarian, offer anything for sale on library premises, undertake surveys or canvass or seek signatures for petitions.
  • Members of the public must not enter staff only areas of the library without permission.
  • Members of the public must leave the library without dispute, at closing time.
  • Pets or animals will not be admitted to the library, except for working dogs.
  • The library is not responsible for personal belongings so members of the public are asked not to leave bags unattended for security reasons.
  • Cold food and hot and cold drinks are allowed in the library as long as they do not disturb or offend other library users and are not consumed at the PCs.
  • The use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. should not inconvenience or cause any annoyance to others.
  • Personal laptop computers reliant upon mains electric power may be used but it is entirely at the users own risk. Other equipment should not be unplugged and wires should not trail causing a trip hazard.
  • The Librarian has the right to request the removal of any person, animal or object.
  • The Librarian has the right to remove any person from the Library who contravenes any of these rules of behaviour.
  1. Copyright

Library users must not copy or otherwise do anything to any Library material so as to infringe any copyright or other intellectual property right relating to such material.

  1. Internet Use

Access to the Internet is conditional upon compliance with the ‘Terms and Conditions of Use of Computers and the Internet’. Refusal to do this means that use of the Internet will be denied. A breach of this policy could lead to the temporary or permanent withdrawal of part or all of the Library services.

  1. Failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations

The Chief Executive, or a senior member of staff authorised to act on behalf of the Chief Executive, has the discretion to withdraw library facilities, in whole or in part, from any person who fails to abide by the Rules and Regulations.


Revised November 2019